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Supa-Trac™ is an unequalled panel system protecting turf from medium loads, allowing the use of lightweight equipment weighing up to 3.5 tons per axis. It works very well with all types of surfaces and easily adjusts to any unevenness of the surface. This system is very light and easy to use. Thanks to the unique shape of panels, no heavy equipment or tools are needed to protect the grass in the entire stadium, which can be done within a few hours. It allows the movement of vehicles even when the ground surface is uneven or unstable.

Supa-Trac™ provides an excellent system of lawn protection, lasting up to 8 days. This system gives unlimited possibilities, allowing the stadium to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. The construction of pavements, access roads, car parks as well as temporary airports for helicopters is no longer a problem!

Supa-Trac™ works on any surface, ranging from turf to soil, sand or gravel to hard surfaces. The panels have their own system of water drainage and air removal, thanks to which they retain air circulation on the area covered. Electrical neutrality, resistance to chemical agents, corrosion, UV rays and a special non-slip structure, as well as a wide range of colours – allow to create safe, interesting and aesthetic designs.


- protection of stadia's turfs,
- clean, safe ground surfaces for the duration of mass events, 
- access roads, allowing traffic of vehicles up to 3.5 tons / axis,
- pavements, paths between tents and stalls during picnics, concerts, festivals, outdoor exhibitions,
- flooring in tents and halls,
- areas for entertainment and dancing.

             Technical data:

Material: PP
Panel dimensions: 966 mm x 275 mm
Coverage surface of 1 panel: 0,21 m2
Panel thickness: 34 mm
Panel weight: 2,025 kg
Weight per 1m2: 9,7 kg
Application temperature: from - 40 to + 40 °C
Permissible mobile load: 3,5 tons per one axis
Permissible static load: 80 tons per m2
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