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I-TRAC™: Ground protection type "Heavy duty"


The I-Trac™ panels constitute a unique and modern technology, which in every way exceeds alternative products offered by competition. The I-Trac™ systems have a great potential thanks to the universality of applications. The I-Trac™ system of panels is designed to protect the ground from the damaging effects of exceptionally heavy machines and equipment with a load of up to 30 tons per axis. This proven system protects the ground from any type of interference from outside. It is very light, resistant and easy to use. Assembly and disassembly are fast and efficient, because no specialist tools are needed. Its characteristic module system enables the creation of any shape of the surface or access roads with compact and stable surface, supporting extremely heavy loads and thus even enabling the use of 120 ton cranes.


The I-Trac™ system is one of the most effective and flexible systems of ground protection. As a temporary surface, it has a wide range of applications – especially in construction. Thanks to this, it has become of interest to significant representatives of the construction industry. Due to the system's advantages, the I-Trac™ panels have very quickly become an indispensable element of access roads for heavy load machines such as: cranes, trucks, lifts, etc.


The I-Trac™ panels can be used for any type of ground: soft, maladjusted, covered with grass or sand. They are resistant to most chemical agents and thus environment-friendly. The system of ground protection we offer is very popular on the European market. More and more industries begin to appreciate the advantages stemming from the system of mobile roads and hardscape, resulting in an increasing number of new clients.



- access roads for the traffic of vehicles up to 30 tons / axis,
- protection of the ground during mass events,
- landing ground for helicopters, airplanes,
- parking grounds,
- protection of the ground in tents, exhibition halls, stadia, etc..

      Technical data:
Material: PPCP
Panel dimensions: 120cm x 92cm
Coverage surface of 1 panel: 0,8 m2
Panel thickness: 54 mm
Panel weight: 15,6 kg
Temperature of application: - 60 to + 95°C
Permissible load: 30 000 kg per one axis
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