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Alu-Trac - protection of the heavy ground


Alu - Trac is another system in our offer designed to provide comfort of access, access and access to every concert venue, construction site. The Alu-Trac panel is the Heavy Duty category, it is a modern system for the 21st century. Its dimensions of 3m x 2.15m and a load capacity of 140 T per 1 square meter give many opportunities to use it to build many temporary roads for both pedestrian traffic, light vehicles and heavy machinery such as trucks, mobile cranes and many more. The possibility of quick assembly provides almost immediate access for people and machines on a stable and reliable surface.


Alu - Trac is the preferred system for places requiring very high loads and high traffic flow. Panels Alu - Trac, thanks to the possibility of joining in all directions (like LEGO bricks) gives almost unlimited possibilities of any configuration of the working surface. The durable panel construction of multi-chamber aluminum elements allows it to be used as a crossing over open cable ducts, drainage without damaging it. In addition, Alu-Trac helps to protect both the ground and vehicles from damage, which makes it ideal for events organized on a delicate ground, in public spaces, parks, sports facilities, stadiums where the protection of the ground is essential. Developed to minimize damage and threats to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Alu-Trac is designed so that after laying it forms a flat surface. All connecting and structural elements are hidden, which allows full protection of wheeled vehicle systems and no protruding elements for pedestrian traffic. In order to achieve the greatest versatility, panels can be installed with the help of machines (forklift, telescopic loader, HDS), but also with the power of human hands.


A small weight of the panel at a net area of ​​6.45 m2 gives an excellent weight-to-surface ratio. And this in turn translates into:
- transport possibilities - more meters of space on one car
- smaller preliminary damage to the area
- possibility of mounting without using heavy equipment


These elements have a positive impact on the price for the customer
 temporary roads for heavy equipment
 temporary roads for light mechanical movement
 temporary routes for pedestrian traffic
 protection of the stadium grass
 and many more ...


Material: aluminum
Dimensions: 2.15 x 3.00 x 0.048 m
Weight: 176 kg / panel
Loads: 141T - depending on the ground
Surface: profiled, mounting screws hidden

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