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Portafloor or Grass Protection is a light system designed mainly for pedestrian traffic. It protects turf exposed to abrasion and wear-and-tear as well as to a high traffic load during outdoor stadium events or festivals.

Grass Protection is aimed at protecting surfaces against relatively small loads. Nevertheless, the system elements are very durable and easily take on the weight of the stage equipment and the stage structure elements.

The system allows for the unobstructed flow of air and water to the flooring. This is an irreplaceable method of protecting lawns and football pitch turfs during concerts or occasional events held at sport facilities. A properly protected stadium plane allows for the traffic of thousands of spectators during sporting and cultural events.

Grass Protection system panels perform equally well on both wet and dry flooring, forming a uniform usable surface. Their characteristic construction allows for the penetration of sun rays, air, and water at the same time guaranteeing vegetation of the turf covered for the period of up to 10 days and protecting it against so-called "burning".

The light, aesthetic, easy to assemble and disassemble panels, minimising the assembly time, and taking up little space upon disassembly are an advantage of the Grass Protection system. Being aware of the significance of the coverage-time for the turf, we guarantee that the entire surface will be put in place at the most appropriate time and with maximum speed and efficiency.


  • Clean, safe surfaces for audiences during mass events (especially football pitch turf protection, protection of park and garden lawns, etc.)
  • Sidewalks, and pedestrian traffic control systems,
  • Playgrounds
  • Dance-dedicated zones

Grass Protection is a system which guarantees that the turf will last beyond the duration of concerts and mass events at sport arenas. GP can be used for a period of 10 days in the case of natural grass and turf surfaces. For maximum protection, the PRO-FLOOR GP system is recommended.

      Technical data:
Material: PP
Panel size: 310 mm x 88 mm
1 panel coverage size: 0,025 m2
Panel thickness: 17 mm
Panel weight: 110 g
Weight per 1m2: 4,3 kg
Use temperature: from -10 to + 50°C
Admissible statistical load: 29 tonnes per m2


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