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Pro-Construction's system of building bleachers offers almost unlimited possibilities of adapting to the needs and expectations of clients.  Our clients decide themselves about the size of the mobile tribune, as well as about the number of seated or standing places. You also decide about the bleacher's finish – with stylish and comfortable armchair-seating, chairs or benches.


The shape of the seat and the high quality of the materials it is made of provide a comfort of seating, thanks to which one can concentrate on the show. The width of the gap between the rows enables easy communication, while the difference of heights gives unlimited visibility.


The portable bleachers are very popular and appreciated. This is due to the fact that we are using the "T-system" – which not only increases the prestige of the show, concert or performance, but also provides additional advertising space around the seating area and canopy. Using such an enormous space to display, for example, the sponsor's advertising banners will very likely be met with appreciation.

The bleachers are extremely safe. The certificates they hold enable us to meet even the most demanding safety requirements.


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